Ada grew up in the Clearwater Valley, alongside the Nez Perce National forest and feels a deep connection to the Idaho wilderness. Her love for the wilderness and locals, lead her on a journey to combine her desire to educate, guide and inspire through nature, into mentoring and retreats.

After receiving her degree in Psychology Ada moved to San Antonio, Texas to mentor and teach inner-city elementary students. While in San Antonio, she began her meditation practice. Ada decided to pursue a life of travel to study holistic healing modalities to positively impact adults.

In 2017, Ada received her YTT from Rishikesh Yoga Peeth. Since then she has held workshops and meditations in Australia, India, and the US. Additionally, she has participated and managed Vipassana meditation courses and completed a Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage course. These teachings, ultimately led her back home to connect with those same roots that raised her, and the indigenous culture that surrounded her as a child. 

Ada now weaves together all of her lessons to form her own authentic teaching style. From Australia to India, Africa to the Amazon, Ada is privileged to have learned from so many wise teachers. She honors the custodians of this land and is honored to guide people to connect with nature, their breath, body, and spirit. Since returning to the States Ada continues to hold meditations, workshops, and life-coaching sessions. 

Ada finds the most joy while in nature and will be debuting her first retreat – Raft and Roots summer 2020. Ada is most fulfilled through empowering others to embody the truest version of themselves. Living through example, she strives to be the rawest and most vulnerable version of herself every day.


Ada Kay's mission is to guide people to connect with their breath and the deep beauty of life.

About Ada

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