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Animals surround us all the time. Passing through our lives, each with their unique medicine. When we tune into their messages we can better move through our lives with intention and fluidity. Receiving a reading will allow clarity and insight into what is moving through your life. 

What is an Animal reading

Animal Readings

30 minutes

Past - Present - Future

This reading will allow us to dive into what is weaving its way through our lives. This is a great way to drop into how to navigate themes or events that come up.


Totem Animals

The totem is a deep dive into each direction of your life. As we go into the the roots of what makes us what we are.

45 minutes


An extension of the past, present, and future reading. It also takes into account the forces working with and against you.



"Ada creates such a safe and trusting space for the readings, allowing me to drop in to the moment and receive messages from the animal cards. I gain insight and clarity on my current situations and always leave feeling more in tune with nature and my life’s purpose. Now when I see animals in my day to day life I try receive their messages. I love each moment of Ada’s readings and the depth of knowledge and wisdom she brings to each session. I feel as though she is an interpreter between my spirit animals and I."

"Ada Ada Ada. Thank you for your existence my sister! This woman is magic.The inner work she has done and her constant purification I feel has cleared space within herself which allows her the capacity to channel messages connecting us with God/our higher selves, whatever you wanna call it.  A gift for us all! Her clarity and strongly intuitive interpretation of the cards flows effortlessly...  A true instrument! The words you expressed with touched my heart. Each word resonated.. Yet simultaneously the words were inadequate to the feeling inside. I was in tears. This woman is amazing! thank you for the beautiful experience. I left feeling inspired and very humanly validated that I was exactly where I needed to be. A good reminder. Highly recommended, feel her magic! The more people you share this gift with, the better my sister."

- Anjelica


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